Livorno president Aldo Spinelli has declared the Coppa Italia an unwanted distraction.

"The Coppa Italia is nothing but an annoyance for us," Spinelli told Radio Marte as his team prepares for tomorrow night's tie with Napoli.

"We've got three injured midfielders in Giuliano Giannichedda, Jose Vidigal and Vikash Dhorasoo and our thin squad is at risk of tiring themselves out before our game against Palermo on Sunday."

As for Saturday's thrashing at Juventus, the fiery patron felt the result was a little harsh on the Labronici.

"We didn't deserve to lose so badly as their second goal came from a non-existent penalty decision," he explained.

"We lost a star striker when we sold Cristiano Lucarelli, but I have great faith in Francesco Tavano and Diego Tristan who are out of action at the moment.

"It's a season to try and get to safety comfortably, but it will be tough," he concluded briskly.