Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano has taunted Real Madrid, saying: "You're a dull side with only two decent players." The Kop's livewire Argy midfielder, 24, insisted: "Madrid only have two quick players who can significantly influence a match on their own - Gonzalo Higuain and Arjen Robben.

"Providing we have two players on each of them every time they get the ball, we will be OK.

"Real are not an extravagant team any more.

"They are organised so it's important to keep the discipline we showed in the first match.

"They didn't have many chances and we played great defensively. We're going to approach the match as if we hadn't won the first game.

"It could turn out badly if we think winning in Madrid is enough already. But, of course, if we beat Real we'll then be major favourites to win the Champions League."