Liverpool midfielder Stewart Downing was happy for Theo Walcott after his goal scoring performance for Arsenal in victory over Tottenham.

Downing accepts the role of winger carries an additional burden and is impressed how 22-year-old Walcott - in the face of fierce criticism - has handled it.

The Liverpool winger told the London Evening Standard: "I know what it's like. Sometimes as a winger you feel that pressure from people, that they expect you to beat three players before setting up a striker or scoring a goal, especially when you're younger.

"We've all had it as players but Theo is strong enough to deal with the pressure of playing for a big club like ­Arsenal and England. He handles himself very well.

"He is a top player and I am in competition with him for a place in the England side but if I was to give any advice to Theo it would be to just keep doing what he's doing because he proved against Tottenham that he is mentally strong."