Ryan Babel admits he hasn't produced his best for Liverpool since his arrival in Ajax.

Babel said: "I know I am capable of better. I know I still have not reached my real level, I can produce a lot more and hopefully the fans will see that as the season progresses.

"I am still learning how to play alongside my team-mates, and that will take time. I am still working out how to fit into the new formations the boss uses, and the way he wants me to play.

"It is very different from Ajax, I knew this move would not be easy but generally I am pleased with how my first season in England has started.

"But it is different. In the Eredivisie the ball spends a lot more time on the grass so that is also something I'm still adapting to."

He added: "Over here you come up against more teams that do not play that way, they prefer the ball in the air. That is new to me but again is something I must get used to."