Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has paid tribute to fellow retiree, Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

While Kop fans have cursed fellow retiree Fergie, their local hero has nothing but praise for the man who has stopped him having a full set of winners' medals.

Carragher insisted: "Why, what's he done? Listen, I'm not one of them who gets like that because of someone else winning. It would be bad - I'm not into making excuses.

"I don't know him that well. I've had a few arguments at half-time, different things. But the reason I like him is because to see someone a bit like yourself in terms of passion at that age - I find it remarkable.

"I think it's brilliant, to be honest, at that age to have that passion to win. Obviously he's retired now but he's been a great manager and if you said anything other than that you'd be stupid."