Liverpool ace Fernando Torres has credited manager Rafa Benitez for his success this season.

Torres revealed: "Rafa Benitez is obsessed with details. He calculates everything, including runs and flights of the ball, and studies it on his computer.

"If he tells you to stand five feet from the penalty spot, it's not in your best interests to be six feet from it.

"He'll show you that the extra distance makes the difference between a goal and a missed chance - and it has worked for me.

"The proof for me is that I had never scored a club hat-trick in my life before joining Liverpool. But I've since got three, against Reading, Middlesbrough and West Ham.

"Rafa explained everything to me before I even signed - how we would play, and what our aims were. He even had a work programme planned for me before I got here.

"He never stopped telling me that I had the speed to succeed here and that he had faith in me."