Wantaway Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has taken aim at British PM David Cameron.

Suarez has continued his ­incredible rant over life in England - by blasting the Prime Minister.

He bit Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic in April and was handed a 10-match ban - leading to Cameron saying the striker "set the most appalling example".

He is quoted by the People: "David Cameron said I wasn't an example for the kids or something like that. Why don't you worry about English citizens?

"I have lived bad moments, and I'm a human being, you know. I have feelings.

"I'm angry with the English media, as they have never valued me as a footballer.

"The paparazzi followed me in the streets and I couldn't carry my daughter to the kindergarten, or I couldn't go to the supermarket.

"I tried to do my job in England. I cannot apologise to the people in England any more."