Liverpool skipper Gerrard: No Suarez grudge if he decides to leave

Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard says he wouldn't hold a grudge against Luis Suarez should he choose to leave this summer.

The England captain insists there will be no personal pleas from him ­asking Suarez to stay and, ­however things unravel, he will fully support his ­inspirational ­team-mate.

Gerrard, 32, said: “It’s not my responsibility. I don’t have to say anything to Luis. He knows how much I respect him as a player and how much I appreciate having him here, just like ­everyone at the club does.

“He’s a joy to watch and a joy to play with – but you also have to respect that he’s going to have ­decisions to make throughout his career. He has to make the big decisions.

“I’ve been there myself and they’re not nice at times. But whatever he decides, we have to respect that.”

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