Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has revealed how he dealt with John Arne Riise, now with Roma, after he scored 'that' own goal against Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final last season.

"I made sure I backed him in the press afterwards," said Gerrard in 'Steven Gerrard: My Captain's Book'.

"Obviously, we were all aware that that own goal could be vital. With hindsight, we now know it was probably the difference between us going out or progressing to the final.

"But this was a lad we're all good friends with. Myself and people like Carra had played with John for seven years.

"He didn't mean to score the own goal, it just happened and could have happened to any one of us. I know what it's like, having scored one myself in a final against Chelsea.

"It wasn't really about being captain, it was just about being a good mate for him."