Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard is ready to accept blame for his role in defeat at West Bromwich Albion.

Gerrard admits the 3-0 defeat left Reds players "shocked".

Gerrard was keen to criticise his own performance at the weekend, insisting: "I made a mistake which led to (Agger's) sending off. I gave the ball away in the first place and that led to Daniel being put in trouble. I take full responsibility for that.

"We were already 1-0 down and losing him made getting back into the game very difficult. Being down to 10 men was the reason why they went on to get a couple more goals.

"We were unlucky with the second penalty as well. It was hard for the team to take. It was one of those days for us - a day to forget. But if there is any finger pointing to be done then I want to make sure that some fingers come my way."