Liverpool legend Phil Thompson says a returning Luis Suarez is their ticket to the Champions League. Thommo makes no secret that he's been disappointed with Suarez's antics.

But he told the Daily Star: "Having Luis Suarez back will be like having a new signing.

"For all his misgivings he's a world-class talent.

"He's only behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the world, I rate him that highly. He's better than Gareth Bale.

"Bar what happened with Ivanovic he was the star player last season. Robin van Persie was great up until Christmas and Bale started from November - but Suarez was the most consistent throughout.

"I didn't enjoy hearing what he said as a Liverpool player but the boy is a world-class talent.

"If he's learnt the error of his ways, which is important, he can be massive for Liverpool.

"He can get Liverpool that Champions League place that he craves and that we crave."