Liverpool legend Phil Neal says the signing of fullback Steve Finnan to a new two-year contract was crucial to the club's plans.

"He is so steady, and if you want to get into that top two you need three or four steady-eddies in your team. I mean this in a very good way," Neal told

"Perhaps people don't always recognise the job he does, but every time you get three quarters of the way into a season you realise he's been there throughout and hasn't really put a foot wrong. You don't need to worry about him.

"He's cool under pressure no matter how big the game is. You get him in a tight situation and he doesn't panic.

"He's seen off a few rivals for his position during his time at the club, and you've never seen him spit his dummy out when new competition arrives. He just gets on with his job quietly, and that's a real credit to the lad."