Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson feels Scotland's last chance of World Cup qualifying is Sunderland striker Steven Fletcher ending his international retirement.

Lawro wrote in the Mirror: "I get it if you are 30, 31 and you are thinking to yourself: 'If I don't play international football I can get two or three extra years out of my career at club level.'

"But not at his age, 24. At international level he is unproven and I don't know why he does not want to test himself at the highest level.

"This is so easily sorted out. He can ring Craig Levein or get a message to him asking if there is any chance of a chat.

"If he does that, Craig is not going to turn him away is he? Not on the back of a goalless draw at home against Serbia and with the Scottish public getting restless.

"Have another conversation. Give Craig the chance to ask: 'What is your problem?', 'Why don't you want to play?'

"If it is so deep seated that Steven isn't interested then fine. But I can't believe that he couldn't be persuaded."