Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher admits he's a huge admirer of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Carra put aside tribal enmity to hail the Manchester United manager's appeal for a line to be drawn in the sand - and for offering Liverpool unqualified support.

"We've got to congratulate Sir Alex Ferguson," said Carragher. "I really appreciate what he has said in the build-up to the game. I think the ­Liverpool supporters really respect his comments on the game."

The chants of a few United fans ­during the win over Wigan at Old ­Trafford highlighted the potential for trouble.

But Carra said: "Hopefully both sets of supporters will come together - as I'm sure that they will. I haven't played in a game like this in my life. It's normally emotional, that kind of game, against Manchester United. But this will be extra special.

"I hope we win the game. But there's probably more important things than the result at stake. But­ ­obviously we're still up for the result."