Liverpool legend John Aldridge has defended Luis Suarez after his hand-ball goal at FA Cup opponents Mansfield Town.

Aldridge believes Suarez is being wrongly vilified for his actions at the weekend.

"It's a disgrace to call Luis Suarez a cheat after what happened against Mansfield," he wrote in the Liverpool Echo .

"He's an easy target and the reaction to his handball has been ridiculously over the top. Those do-gooders having a go at Suarez have never been in that situation and don't have a clue.

"After all the controversies in the past, some sections just love sticking the boot into Suarez.

"There was no other player on that pitch who would have found himself on the front pages of the papers for a handball.

"It's been blown out of all proportion and wasn't anywhere near as bad as what Thierry Henry did for France against Ireland."