Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina is happy for Fernando Torres over his success at Chelsea.

During his struggles, Reina acted as a long-distance counsellor.

He revealed: "We speak regularly and I told him he was going to be back.

"People were killing him but he has been carrying that weight all his life.

"He was captain of Atletico Madrid at 19 and that gave him a lot of experience. Fernando is a great player. He will always be a great player." Now Reina could not be happier to see his mate back on a high - even at Wembley today.

He said: "He has everything so you have to be ready for everything, although I am sure my defenders would not let that situation happen.

"But he has been showing great form lately. It's good for Spain and him, although maybe not so good for us.

"But our families are close and we shared a lot in three years together at Liverpool. He will be a friend for ever."