Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher is delighted for teammate Andy Carroll over his success with England.

Carra wrote in the Telegraph: "Carroll, at the end of last season for Liverpool and now for his country, is proving he has the potential to stand in such esteemed company and there is far more to utilising him than simply hitting it high and long.

"The prototype modern target man is Didier Drogba. When we signed Andy, the hope was he would become an English version - a battering ram at both ends of the field but with touch and technique to score goals.

"He endured a difficult start to his Liverpool career but on the basis of recent performances, that aspiration is carrying greater weight.

"Not only did Drogba excel at Stamford Bridge with his goals, but as a defensive weapon. He was one of Chelsea's best defenders against Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the Champions League Andy did exactly the same role for England on Friday and it is also an essential responsibility he has at Liverpool.

"When he was struggling earlier in the season, there were times people would ask me why he wasn't substituted. I'd tell people to consider the defensive contribution he was making, particularly against those Premier League teams who do bombard you with set pieces. That kind of work tends to go unnoticed because ultimately a striker lives or dies by his goals, but from a manager's point of view it is incredibly important.

"Now Andy is adding that essential ingredient of goals too. The change in him now to a few months ago is self-evident. I'd sum it up in one word. Mobility."