Liverpool hero Jan Molby has been impressed by Joe Allen in the opening weeks of his Anfield career.

He explained why Allen's positional work, after releasing the ball, is the particular aspect of his game that marks the Welshman out as a truly gifted modern-day playmaker.

"In the modern game you've got to have great technique to be able to move the ball away from the opposition at all times," Molby told "If we take the Arsenal game, we saw two midfield players who dominated the ball all the time. One of those was Allen, the other was Santi Cazorla.

"They are modern-type midfield players. But what Allen does above anything else, and it's Barcelona-like, is he moves the ball so quickly.

"At no stage does he indulge himself and think, 'I'll do a little bit for myself'. With Joe it's always about doing his bit for the team."