Liverpool fullback Glen Johnson says he's a better player for working with manager Brendan Rodgers.

Rodgers has brought his own brand of football to Anfield this past season.

Johnson told the official Liverpool FC Magazine: "Liverpool has always been known as a club that plays good football but the manager is trying his own thing in terms of tactics.

"Even down to the meetings - I don't think once this season I've looked at my watch or felt like yawning. When Brendan talks, he gets your attention. You fully believe in him.

"There have been times throughout my career when managers have taken ages to explain something very simple. But even if Brendan's meetings went on longer it wouldn't matter because he explains himself in a way that gets you excited as a player.

"Whether it's tactics, motivation or something negative - stuff we should and shouldn't do - I always feel like I've learned something."