Liverpool defender Andre Wisdom is delighted with his run in Brendan Rodgers' first team.

The youngster feels he can also excel playing the passing game which was first introduced to him at youth level by Rodolfo Borrell and is currently being advocated by Brendan Rodgers.

Wisdom told The Times: "When you're at a young age and more physically developed than some of the other lads, it can be a bit easy at times because you know your strength means you can recover even if you do make a mistake.

"I suppose now people expect me to be a bit of a bully on the pitch, but I like to get the ball down and play like I was coached at the Academy.

"Rodolfo brought a different style to training. Obviously the Spanish way of playing is based on keeping the ball, a lot passing and possession and a big transition when you lose the ball.

"We noticed the change in style of coaching and playing straightaway and it's been for the better. It's played a big part in the way I've been progressing, especially with the new manager having the same sorts of methods.

"The upbringing we had at the Academy has definitely helped me and the other lads keep progressing."