Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers admits Luis Suarez may need a positional change to make room for Danny Sturridge. Asked where he would use his £12million signing from Chelsea, the Liverpool boss warned 18-goal Suarez.

"Daniel's best position is as a central striker," he said. "I have said 4-3-3 will become richer because of the type of players we have. There is not just one way to play 4-3-3. You can have one up and two wingers, a floating number nine, like Luis Suarez, or you can have one like Daniel Sturridge central, with two in and around him narrow and full backs bombing on.

"The principles of your game are based on your players. I think Daniel's best position will be straight through the middle with his pace.

Twice, Rodgers was asked where that left Suarez, and twice he answered: "For the common good of the team."