Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has drawn a line in the sand with his young players. The Ulsterman is still fuming over the manner of their FA Cup defeat to Oldham Athletic.

"I've had people telling me all my life 'I want to be in your team, I want to do this and that.' I go 'fine, no problem. But the minute they are out of the door I look to see what they do physically because that's your commitment mentally.

"You get players who tell you they want to be this or that, who are one of the last in in the morning and first out in the afternoon.

"If you're a young player here, who's going to get a chance, you have to step up to those demands. You have to adapt very quickly to the demands.

"They have to understand that with opportunity comes responsibility - that you have to perform in every game.

"Being young doesn't exempt them from criticism."