Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers hailed Steven Gerrard's performance for victory over Fulham.

For many, it was the midfielder's best since Rodgers' arrival.

"He was at the top of his game," Rodgers said.

"The mixture of his short passing and long passing was perfect, and he got his goal. I have no qualms about him whatsoever.

"He is right up there as one of the most influential midfielders in the Premier League; he's at the top in chances created, passing, possession all the important things.

"I find it incredible he can have had any criticism at all. It is absolutely ridiculous.

"He may not be getting the goals he did five or six years ago, but that doesn't stop you influencing the game, and his influence for me - and especially once he was starting to understand what I'm looking for - has been absolutely top class, up there with the very best.

"We are improving, we are growing, and he has influenced that. He is vital to us, and I recognise that.

"I know he has 18 months left on his contract, but I would want him to go beyond that for this club and this team.

"I want him to stay beyond his current contract. There is absolutely no question about that."