Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers insists he doesn't feel let down by Luis Suarez over his biting incident.

Rodgers has hit at the ten match ban handed down for Suarez's actions.

Rodgers said: "Luis has not let me down one bit. He is a player who fell well below the standards of this football club but that doesn't mean he should be thrown to the garbage, which is what has happened from a lot of people these last few days.

"I certainly won't be prepared to do that. I don't believe the sanction fits with what he did. There's no doubt if you have those high-profile figures making those sorts of statements, there will be a bias.

"It's human nature. If you have people reading and listening to things, when they sit down to talk about it supposedly for the first time, people would argue whether they already had a decision in their minds. That process, for me, would need to change.

"You have an FA council member, an FA county representative and an ex-player, so I don't know how it is independent. That has to be looked at and this is probably not the first time it's been said.

"I felt Luis would maybe get more than three games. But we had hoped there would be something in there that would allow him a greater opportunity to rehabilitate. The bigger thing in all of this is to try to make sure it doesn't happen again."