Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish feels the club can be proud of the way they've rode out their storm this season.

The Reds, after lifting the Carling Cup, are now into the FA Cup final.

Dalglish told "To go forward and be successful, sometimes you need to get battered along the way.

"This football club is a fantastic example to anyone else that wants to have a football club that when there is a wee bit of mud flying about, they close ranks and get together.

"That is the football club I used to know and it's the football club I am getting back to knowing now.

"If it's me that's getting dog's abuse, good, because it takes the pressure off the players and my skin is a bit thicker than some of theirs. There's a lot of them here for the first time in their first year.

"It is important for everybody to go through some bad bits to realise how good the good bits are. I've been there before and I suppose I will be there again at some stage."