Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish feels the Luis Suarez storm has now been put to bed.

Liverpool's American owners are furious that the spectre of racism ­continues to haunt the club almost four months after Suarez was charged by the FA for abusing Evra in a Premier League game.

But with the Reds ­facing Brighton in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Sunday, ­before setting their sights on ­Cardiff in next week's ­Carling Cup final, Dalglish believes that now is the time to bring an end to one of the most ­humiliating episodes in a great club's history.

"It is business as usual for us now," said Dalglish. "That doesn't take away our focus or the appreciation for the support we have at this club.

"Everything has been dealt with, we have just moved on, and now we must concentrate on the football and make sure that our mind is fully ­focused on getting through the next round of the cup.

"I think everybody is now just concentrating on the game against ­Brighton.

"We have addressed ­everything we have had to address so we now just move onwards and ­upwards."