Liverpool boss Dalglish: Blackburn fans hurting club

Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has hit out at his former Blackburn Rovers fans.

Dalglish has sympathy for Rovers boss Steve Kean over the abuse he's taken from protesters.

He told "The most sympathy I have is for Blackburn because I was there for three or four years. It was a great place for me to go and work, there were some smashing people there that were in charge of the club at that particular moment in time, and I would never have anticipated or foreseen the situation they are in at this particular moment in time.

"Blackburn are at the wrong end of the table, they are under a bit of pressure and there seems to be a bit of animosity in and around the club at the moment.

"Results aren't purely to what the manager does. You need support from your players, you need support from the owners and you certainly need some support from the crowd.

"The frustration is understandable in many ways but I don't think it's helpful and it's sad really it has come to that, but that's the way it is."

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