Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez says he wouldn't swap Steven Gerrard for any other player in the game.

In a tribute column on, Benitez wrote: "I think he is still getting better and am confident there is even more to come from him in the future. Over recent seasons he has improved tactically because he has played in a number of different positions and for me, at the moment, he is the best attacking midfield player in the world.

"I know Jamie Carragher has said he wouldn't swap him for anybody else and I would have to agree with that. In terms of quality you can always change one player for another, but in terms of quality, mentality and commitment then I wouldn't swap Steven for anybody.

"I know how determined he is - like the rest of us - to get his hands on the Premier League title and hopefully that dream will come true for all of us sooner rather than later."