Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has laughed off Sir Alex Ferguson's latest jibes.

Benitez said of his Manchester United rival: "Mind games are for managers who are affected by mind games, but I don't understand him - because he talks in a Scottish accent."

And he insisted: "I don't care that he [Ferguson] talks of me, but I know he's nervous. That's good."

Benitez has experience of outfoxing his rivals, having won the Spanish title twice with Valencia.

"Normally I am very focused just on my team before every game and I don't care about what people say," he revealed. "I have to decide about my players with my staff, so we just talk about my team. If you have to play this game, I can play this game. You have to know exactly the meaning of each sentence and each word and maybe I would enjoy it more in Spain, where we can do it in Spanish.

"In England, for me it is more difficult but, if I have to do it, I will do it.

"I prefer to talk about football but sometimes you have to do it. You know my idea; when someone is talking too much, you have to say, 'listen, enough is enough'.

"We're a massive club and you know what it means for a lot of people here, the fans - it's amazing. So I'm really happy here but, if you have to say something, you have to say something."