Liverpool attacker Dirk Kuyt credits his incredible stamina in games to a faith healer.

Kuyt revealed: "Before every home game I have a natural healer called Henk de Gier fly in from Holland. He does a session with me and makes sure I go on the pitch in top condition.

"And Henk is not the only one who helps me. For quite a few years I have been using a haptonomist [a touch therapist]. I like to invest in my fitness and well being.

"I played more than 60 matches last season.

"The reason I was able to do that is because I let these healers fly in. It started after I had a bad spell at Liverpool in 2008. I even lost my place in the Dutch national team.

"Ever since Henk has treated me, I have been running like a steam train. Henk has a special treatment for me. He calls it 'the shaker'. He gets rid of all my physical problems and he loosens my body.

"He takes away not only injuries, but also stress and headache. He has helped me enormously."