Liverpool striker Luis Suarez says he never made a racial slur against Manchester United fullback Patrice Evra.

The Daily Star says Suarez claims he should not be facing a race charge - because what he said to Evra is not offensive back home in Uruguay.

The case revolves around the use of one particular word which, when used in this country may be offensive, but in South America is regarded as an accepted cultural term.

Central to the Liverpool striker's defence is that words he is alleged to have said might not be considered offensive in Spanish.

Evra's case depends on the defender proving that Suarez was aware of the sensitivity of his alleged remarks.

Despite the FA request that those involved don't discuss the case, Suarez spoke in detail while on international duty with Uruguay.

He said: "There is no evidence I said anything racist to him (Evra).

"I said nothing of the sort.

"There were two parts of the discussion, one in Spanish, one in English. I did not insult him.

"I called him something his team-mates at Manchester call him, and even they were surprised by his reaction."