Liverpool ace Steven Gerrard says England expect too much from Manchester United star Wayne Rooney.

Despite scoring against Ukraine, the striker produced two ­lacklustre ­performances during ­England's Euro 2012 campaign after returning from his ­suspension.

"I just think that ever since Wayne has been around and because of his ­performances in 2004, there is an ­expectation that he comes to these ­tournaments and wins them all on his own," said Gerrard.

"That's unfair. When it goes wrong ­people then point to Wayne and his ­performances, and blame him.

"The responsibility has to be on the 23 players. It's unfair to look at Wayne and say because Wayne didn't play well, it's the ­reason why we haven't won games.

"I've mentioned on many occasions at this level the biggest thing is to play ­without expectation, without fear.

"It's only ­normal that Wayne is brought down by that because everyone expects and wants him to do well."