England legend Gary Lineker would like to see Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney play for Great Britain in the London Olympics.

It was announced in December that those selected for this summer's European Championship would not be selected for the Great Britain men's Olympic squad, but former England international Lineker would like to see an exception made for Rooney.

"It seems like [David] Beckham is a shoo-in and I would love to see somebody like Ryan Giggs chosen," Lineker said when asked who he would like to see as the three over-23 players in the squad.

"I don't know as it is hard to work out who is 23 and above. The thing is at the moment that we have got lots of really good young players and some very good old players, but the players in their prime [are not really a choice].

"Rooney will obviously go to the Euros and it would be a shame we couldn't play him because I'd like to see him.

"He is not going to play the first two games [at Euro 2012] anyway, and I know it's not going to happen but if I were Rooney I would knock on Sir Alex's door and say, 'Right, let me play as this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in an Olympic Games in my own country - let me play in the Olympics'."