AC Milan coach Leonardo has cast doubt on his ability to work with patron Silvio Berlusconi.

Italian PM Berlusconi was quoted telling a group of senators that Leonardo is stubborn and will leave in the summer.

And Leonardo said: "I don't know what Berlusconi said but, aside from this, I can't deny that our relationship is difficult.

"We are very different, perhaps we are incompatible, but the important thing is the next three games and I care about them too much.

"I believe I am headstrong. I believe in my ideas and I do so with passion. It's an incompatibility on a style level and a way of being.

"If someone says that I have said something that I haven't said, I deny it. But the relationship will go forward.

"I have never spoken about the future because I have never considered it to be the moment for obvious reasons, and I don't consider it to be today either.

"I can say that I have never spoken with anyone at Flamengo, the Brazilian FA and the 2014 World Cup organising committee.

"I have no official offer from anyone."