Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has warned coach Arsene Wenger not to "humiliate" him by continuing to omit him from the Gunners line-up.

The 37-year-old has not played for the north London outfit since making a mistake against Blackburn on August 19, and vented his anger in an interview with German pay-tv station Premiere, which will be aired during Tuesday night's Champions League programme.

"It could be that at some point I feel like commenting on the whole issue," he said.

"But right at the moment I just accept everything as part of the humiliation. You have to let it happen.

"But I think - and this is directed towards my dear coach - that you should not humiliate players for too long. I am an Arsenal player and I will not just fade away quietly. "I am convinced I will soon be playing again. (Manuel) Almunia hasn't shown that he can win us matches just yet. I have been through this situation once and know how the other keeper is situated mentally. I can't imagine he will handle this.

"Wenger has spoken of three world-class goalies. I guess I must be one of them. The others have proven their class by winning titles? I'm just thinking about it, and I can't recall any. But yet today they are considered world class."