The agent of Lazio midfielder Cristian Ledesma has revealed a £14 million bid has arrived from Real Betis for the Argie.

"Ledesma will go to Betis if Lazio do not get through the Champions League preliminary round," explained agent Vincenzo D'Ippolito.

The Biancocelesti managed to snatch a third-place finish in Serie A last season despite their three-point Calciopoli penalty.

However, their entrance to the group phase of the tournament depends on a preliminary meeting with Dinamo Bucharest.

"Betis have offered Claudio Lotito £14m, but they rejected it as they do not want to lose a player that Coach Delio Rossi considers to be crucial," added Ledesma's agent.

"Cristian has refused offers from other clubs to remain consistent in his choices. Next year, though, we will have to renegotiate his contract with Lazio."