Lazio president Claudio Lotito insists sports director Walter Sabatini has no need to resign after a difficult summer market.

Sabatini handed in his resignation on Saturday, but Lotito said: "We have to maintain a balance in the locker room and I am interested in result.

"Sabatini's resignation was all the fault of the journalists. This team is competitive in part thanks to him. I have rejected his offer to quit, although I am not sure if I can convince him to go back on it, he is a proud man who works quietly in the background.

"The problem with this club is that it doesn't have the winning attitude. Look at Milan and how little they changed this summer, but they win because they have the right mental approach.

"The entire Lazio squad is with the director of sport and the players are not unsatisfied with the transfer market. He did nothing wrong, other than having his work picked apart by the media."