Lazio president Lotito discusses visiting Tottenham stabbing victim

Lazio president Claudio Lotito has spoken of the attack on Tottenham fans in Rome last week.

Lotito has visited the stabbing victim in the attack.

“We found ourselves in a difficult situation due to what happened to the Tottenham fans,” said Lotito on Sky Sport Italia. He visited the supporter who remains in hospital and pointed out so far the only arrests in the attack have been Roma ultras.

“The whole world said our fans had staged a ‘Nazi raid’ on this group of supporters, then a whole other truth emerged.

“Now some have even called for Lazio to be thrown out of UEFA competitions. I wanted to clarify what happened and re-establish our reputation.

“I wanted to show respect for someone who risked his life to come and see a football match. I also showed how important his presence and that of his family is in Rome, as I am taking care of their needs.”

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