Laursen keen to open Villa contract talks

Martin Laursen has welcomed the prospect of opening new contract talks with Aston Villa.

Laursen told Villa's website: "I don't think I will make a four year contract. But I hope to make a two or a three year (deal) if they want me here.

"We had a quick chat just before the season ended. He said he was happy with me and I told him that I am happy here as well. I like to play here. I like to play in England. It suits my game very much, so yes, we can talk about that."

The former AC Milan defender added: "I don't think we have to worry that much about the injury coming up again. I think it was a bad injury and you can get that, and that is it, we know I don't have a perfect knee but I think that everyone is very happy with my knee - the officials, my doctor, myself.

"Yes, I don't have a perfect knee but I am fit now and I am playing now - so I don't think it will have to be written into a contract."

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