Laursen delighted for new Villa signing Knight

Martin Laursen was delighted for new Aston Villa teammate Zat Knight after his match-winning debut against Chelsea yesterday.

"What a debut, he scored and a clean sheet. I think he'll have a glass of red wine tonight," he said.

"I don't know about his private life. All I can say is he did really well yesterday. Didier Drogba's very strong but we did well against him.

"That's good because he's one of the biggest strikers in Europe.

"To do so well against him gave us big satisfaction. It must have been difficult for Zat to join the club in the week and then play the first game against Chelsea.

"But he did really well. He'll want to do well like we will all want to do well for the club."

Laursen was outstanding against the Blues, but added: "It's going to be hard for me to get into the team. We've got great competition now to play centre-half so we'll see."

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