Frank Lampard has scoffed at claims that Chelsea players influence owner Roman Abramovich's managerial choices.

The Blues legend reckons anyone who tried would get their P45 instead.

Lampard told The Sun: "There's a lot of nonsense spoken about that.

"I've never heard of any players here being able to ask our owner to sack a manager or even discuss anything to do with the structure of the club.

"If you wanted to take that chance you would probably get sacked yourself. Players don't do that.

"Some clubs haven't got a lot of leaders who stand up when the going gets tough and say, 'Hang on, we need to turn this around'. We have a strong dressing room like that but not in any negative way.

"And one thing that has helped us remain successful over such a long period is a strong core, strong spine.

"And I mean that in terms of players - their ability, personalities and the leaders. You need people like that in the dressing room.

"But the idea of the dressing room being too strong...certainly not."