Tomasz Kuszczak won't settle for a bench role at Manchester United this season.

"I will do my best to give the boss the best view of me and try to be number one. That is my challenge," he told the Manchester Evening News. "I played a few games last season and I think my performance was very good. I am prepared to be number one.

"It is a question of how many games I get to play and show my good side. I played 18 games all together last season in the Premier League, Champions League and cups and I think I did well.

"I am prepared for 50 or 60 games - it is just a question of whether the boss will pick me or not. The boss said officially that the number one position is always open.

"We know Edwin is an experienced goalkeeper but I will fight and with a new season there is new hope for me. Sooner or later I will reach the level."