Olympiacos striker Darko Kovacevic says they're convinced they can shock Chelsea this week at Stamford Bridge.

He said: "In Athens, we deserved more. The 0-0 was not fair but we can't change the result.

"One goal can give us victory and I think we are capable of that. We are not afraid of them. I have seen the club recently and they don't resemble the performances they were showing in the time of Jose Mourinho.

"They don't dominate their rivals any more and that is costing them a lot of games. We have seen the video of the Carling Cup and Tottenham have shown us the way that we should play in London.

"We are not worried about the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge - it is nothing compared to derby matches in Athens.

"A lot of teams would like Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka in attack, but in our stadium they did not have any success and we aim to repeat that.

"All the pressure is with Chelsea and that is good for us. We will be happy the longer it stays 0-0 because our chances of winning will increase.

"Half of Europe is waiting for how this game turns out - it could be a surprise."