Wigan Athletic striker Arouna Kone says he doesn't feel any pressure as they battle against the drop.

Kone's Premier League wages helps to feed his family of 20 home in Ivory Coast.

"Every African player in the Premier League feels an immense pride to be here considering we came from nothing to start with," he told the Mail on Sunday.

"If anyone from Britain went to see the facilities we had, they wouldn't believe it. Dirt pitches with potholes and ruts everywhere, basically you couldn't control a football and you are doing it with bare feet as well. That is what has made us. I didn't even have any boots until I was 12 or 13 and joined an Academy team.

"Technically you have to be at a much higher level to play on those pitches so what started out as a handicap has become a reason why the African players are good.

"If you put an African player on a flat grass pitch, with no bumps, it is child's play."