Dave Kitson is urging Reading to match Nicky Shorey's contract demands to keep him at the club.

Kitson admitted: "We don't want to sell our best players. Steve Sidwell went but we couldn't do much about that. We tried everything to keep him and it's the same with Nicky Shorey.

"Hopefully we've got him for at least one more season, then who knows? He's a top quality player and of course we're all hoping he stays.

"I don't think there's a different mentality about the place now. But it's all down to us and how we handle the pressure.

"When big clubs come in for our players it's flattering for everybody. It shows we can play at a higher level.

"Nicky Shorey has been in the spotlight. He's an England international and could play for a bigger team, as a lot of players at Reading could."