Ledley King is now weighing up his playing future after being released by Tottenham.

Signing a new deal is not beyond possibility but it appears King may end up being offered a non-playing role at White Hart Lane.

The 31-year-old centre-back said: "I had a really good start to last season and was pleased to play as many games as I did.

"A knock in training set me back towards the end but I opted to carry on playing rather than take the time out to have my knee seen to.

"Unfortunately that meant that I didn't play the last few games at the standard I would have liked.

"I've been discussing things with the club and my contract expires this summer.

"The club have been fantastic in supporting me and given me several options to stay involved with Tottenham. I shall take a view with them pre-season on my future.

"Tottenham have been the only club for me and if I can't play here then I shall look to be involved in another capacity."