Everton chairman Bill Kenwright is convinced Blues fans have already taken to new manager Roberto Martinez.

Kenwright believes that Everton fans have quickly welcomed the Spaniard's appointment.

"I went to see Evita this afternoon, and when that audience stood at the end and went wild at my production it was breathtaking," he said. "I thought 'there's something I'm not ashamed to say that means something to me - I've brought that together and that works.'

"It's the same with Roberto, I've brought him in, I've brought me with him and I want him to work with that audience which is Evertonians.

"And that in itself is a thrill, that in itself is an adventure and that in itself is exciting - and also worrying because it's not an easy job taking over from David Moyes.

"But it seems to me that there is a real feeling for Roberto already."