American TV star Kelsey Grammar is set to attend Ebbsfleet's clash with Carlisle United tomorrow.

Grammer played psychiatrist Dr Crane in the award-winning US sitcom series Cheers and its sequel Frasier.

And he is in England to attend a family funeral with wife Kayte in Hartlepool the day before.

Grammar's brother-in-law Phil Walsh leads the line for Ebbsfleet.

Walsh, 28, stands at 6ft 3in and told The Sun: "Kelsey and my sister will be at the funeral for my grandma Margaret and I'll join them there before catching up with the rest of the team at our Penrith hotel.

"My grandma was a big influence on our lives and Kayte and Kelsey are coming over from Los Angeles. I'm hoping Kelsey will then be able to come up to Carlisle and watch me play. I shall leave some tickets out for them and it'll be nice to have some family support.

"I've spoken to Kelsey about football and know he enjoys the game. As a boy he played.

"His game is baseball now but if he knows I'm playing he might be able to make the journey."