Kasey Keller admits he was forced out of Tottenham after they signed Paul Robinson.

Keller, now with Fulham, faces his old club today and told The Sun: "When Santini was manager he played me in the cup games, then I went on loan to Southampton.

"But I had played every minute of every game for two seasons and then they told me I couldn't even compete with Paul Robinson. I just wish they'd have told me earlier so I could have left sooner.

"I went on loan to Southampton just as Jol took over, I was in the meeting when Santini stepped down, then when I came back, they told me I could go.

"It was a difficult personal situation for four or five months. Whether Robbo is the best man for England is not for me to say, I'm sure there are a few knocking on the door - if you make mistakes, you have to realise someone else may get a chance.

"I know if I had my time over again, I wouldn't be a keeper!"