Sunderland boss Roy Keane believes the chance to dominate Europe will drive Sir Alex Ferguson on at Manchester United.

He said: "It's very tough in Europe because you are competing against some very good teams. To win the European Cup you need that little bit of luck - but I have to say, Man United have lacked that over the years with decisions going against the team.

"But this year, they are in the final and they have got a hell of a chance. If they were to win it, then it would be the third time they have won the European Cup - Arsenal have never won it, Chelsea have never won it.

"The thing is to catch up to Liverpool next. They have won it five times. They are the target that Alex Ferguson set at United when he first got the job.

"I think he said it himself, that his target was to knock Liverpool off their perch.

"He's done that in terms of winning leagues (United currently have 17 to Liverpool's 18), but don't worry, he will be wanting to win European Cups."